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For those who are constantly on the move The news apps on tablets and smartphones have a significant role to play in their daily lives and allow them to stay up-to-date anytime at any time and anyplace. Similar to other apps, there are a few that aren’t created equally. There are run-of-the-mill apps however there are apps with exceptional features. For help in choosing the best news apps for your mobile phone, this is the list of the most amazing news apps you can ever have.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest can be downloaded available for download in the United States and United Kingdom. It provides the need-to-know news that is gathered from numerous sources of pictures, text and other information that are generated through algorithms.


What’s great about this application is the fact that it can pull stories you enjoy. It is designed to understand the person’s preferences, consequently pulling and adding other regular news from a wide array of mainstream news as well as specific sources that may interest you. Images and videos are as well in the collection. – Breaking News

This app provides people a 300-character summary that is linked to the source. Its user-friendly thumbs up and thumbs down mechanism, it enables to fine-tune the app to focus on your preferences, thereby giving the user with what they want.

Paper – Stories from Facebook

This app is always evolving over short periods of time. In the present the Facebook news app can be accessible in the US on iPhone but could be available for Android as well as other users across the globe. It aggregates stories from news sources with a focus on subjects you enjoy instead of random news stories. The majority of its stories are sourced from various subjects like health, technology, culture and many other categories.

Feedly Reader

This is a sophisticated and easy-to-use RSS reader that is designed with fast sharing options and the ability to add articles with an “read-it-later” service such as Pocket as well as Instapaper. Feedly reader is among the most effective search options. The system also keeps improving and updates on the system depending on users’ involvement.


Newsbeat was developed by The US media company Tribune. It lets users select the news sources they prefer. After that, news stories are taken daily from these sources, which are then compiled and then used to create a personalized news podcast using the text to voice technology. Traffic and weather reports are also available in the US market but only. Visit:- 

Circa News

The app’s creators are a group of intelligent editors who meticulously select relevant information and keeping aside what they consider as “junks” or irrelevant information. One of the greatest attributes of the app is the capacity to “follow” certain stories. Users will get notification every when a story is added to its summary. Another benefit is that it allows readers to be able read offline, meaning you’ll still be able to check for updates even if your WI-FI connection is unavailable.


Flipboard is among the most established news apps. And with its recent acquisition, Zite, which was prior to that owned by CNN has made it more powerful. It was designed with the goal of making Flipboard a personal magazine to anyone who uses a mobile device. Furthermore, Flipboard has added another feature which allows users to check out updates on their respective social networks as well as RSS feeds. The app is compatible with traditional news sites and will then convert articles.

Interesting for iPhone

The app pulls thousands articles from the list of top content sources that are hand-curated on the internet. It enables users to browse the most relevant topics including technology, news and sports, politics, design, entertainment and many more. It is able to gather stories and categorize them by categories like technology, sports, and politics. What is more interesting with this app is the integration with Reddit an excellent source of news updates for the growing numbers of users. It also integrates with Dribble the best site for designers.

Newsy Video News

The app collects news stories and converts it into video news. This looks like a good option as a potential candidate for Google, YouTube, Facebook and the other major player that are on the web. At the moment, the app is doing very well and has its own place on the web.

This list of news apps is my own collection and could be useful to some and not to other people. Each has their unique and interesting features, and all of these apps are free to use. You just need to download of the listed news apps to suit your preference.

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