Space Technologies

Space is the first point that comes to people’s minds when it comes to technology. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the sky is space. So, how do space technologies become when combined with today’s technology? What technologies are used? What about today’s space technologies? Let’s watch the world together from the outside.

Space technologies

Satellite Technologies

Mankind has always risen by looking at the sky. Primitive telescopes, binoculars, binoculars have brought seafaring to very different points. Although satellites were first discovered to learn about space and the universe, today they are used in every field from communication, health, entertainment to sports. While we can determine our instant location with positioning systems, we can easily monitor any point in the world from our home or mobile phones. Considering that the internet speed has increased to gibabbits with the newly developed 5G technology, a doctor will be able to operate easily from the other end of the world with compatible devices. Thanks to the 5G compatible satellites, there will be no time deviations in the positioning systems, and fully autonomous driving systems will be even safer thanks to the cars positioned in real time.

Reusable Rockets

Thanks to the reusable Falcon Heavy rockets, invented by SpaceX and Elon Musk, the costs of space travel are reduced, while allowing faster use. Carrier rockets, which were only disposable until today, were both extremely expensive in terms of cost and were not useful due to production times. The reusable Falcon Heavy rockets produced by SpaceX are seen as the beginning of the commercial space age. After the remote-controlled rockets successfully carry the loads attached to them out of the atmosphere, they can safely land at the desired point, which is usually the landing ramps set up in the ocean. In this way, they will be able to carry satellites and equipment for space bases many times. In this processNASA is working on a rocket it calls the Space Launch System (SLS) .

Mars Travel

The legendary plot of science fiction movies, the biggest dream of every science fiction fan, is to go to Mars one day. This is actually a dream that is slowly coming true for today. Thanks to the rocket named Space Launch System, which NASA is working on, the journey to Mars is about to be a dream come true. Unfortunately, the fact that the engines produced with today’s technology for space travel are not sufficient, the time spent during the journey, the low efficiency of the engines make it difficult to reach distances. Although fueled engines are the primary journeys, efforts are being made to shorten space distances with the development of solar electric motors and, in the next step, ion propulsion engines.

The world is no longer a sufficient space for people, developing technologies make information easily accessible for everyone, from small to large. With this technology, humanity now has to go to the next stage, space, to the unknown points of the universe to deliver new information to us. The world is not enough for information that has become our biggest consumption, we need space and space technologies more than ever to discover new lives, accelerate and develop world technologies.

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